Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Gratisan Musik

The Truth...

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Open Your Eyes"

Open your eyes To the millions of lies

That they tell you everyday

Open your mind To the clever disguise

That the advertisements say

How do they know What's good for you?

Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa

A shot to the head They're better off dead

Will you wake up, wake up, whoa

Destroy all the land And kill what you can

Just to make the profits rise

Sell you from birth For all that you're worth

The money spreads like lies

And how do they know What's good for you?

Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa

A shot to the head They're better off dead

Will you wake up, wake up, whoa

Don't wanna hate you Don't wanna blame it all on you

I'm out of options If you don't look I'll force you to

If you don't look I'll force you to If you don't look.. I'll force you to

Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa

A shot to the head Just so you can be fed

Will you wake up, wake up, whoa

Open your eyes... Open your eye

Sunday, October 5, 2008

If you need some coursework information to be used for writing your ICT coursework, pay attention to this article. Do you like such subject as Information and Communication Technology? I do. I sincerely believe that you also like it, since you are reading this article, you do it with a purpose. Your purpose here is to be ready for writing a good ICT coursework. Of course, you should know about the main requirements for writing your ICT coursework – you may consult your tutor, read different guides, or you can make use of this little article in order to be aware of them. Here are several hints on improving your ICT coursework:
Make necessary preparations for writing: talk to your tutor about the necessary issues to be considered in your ICT coursework. Note down all important points in order not to forget them.
Gather material, which you may use in your ICT coursework – it is possible to use the notes made during the lectures, visit libraries and read interesting literature sources, etc…
Write your ICT coursework according to a certain order – try to present the main idea step by step.
Find interesting facts about the subject under consideration – why it is important and what makes all this of particular interest.
Analyze all gathered material – use the possible ICT devices in order to solve the problem.
Investigate this problem – when you have enough practical evidence, it seems much easier to write your ICT coursework.
Pay attention to the information you present. You should write a lot, but you should not repeat one and the same idea twice (you should only sum up everything in the conclusion of your ICT coursework).
Remember about editing and proofreading – your ICT coursework is an important piece of work for your semester grade. You should improve your ICT coursework and one of the easiest ways to do this is to correct all possible mistakes.


Smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with PC-like functionality. Today, the Smartphone functions as a feature rich communication device. The addition of Internet access is the latest innovation in smart phone technology. Besides that, Smartphone is a phone-centric device. It has an
appearance like cellular phones, but it provides fluent applications as regular PDAs do. Now, smart phone are widely used in Malaysian society. Many business and communication use smart phone as their connection.

Smartphone application

Smartphone also has a 3G function. With Smartphone we can make a high quality video conference to discuss about work or anything else. 3G will improve our communication with each other. The Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad is now the country's most experienced and premier mobile cellular telecommunications company with 6.4 million customers. It currently has the widest network coverage covering 97% of the populated areas in the country. It was the first to launch the 3G service in Malaysia and have the widest 3G coverage in the country

Stealth Jewish/Zionist Jewish currently rule U.S., U.K. and the rest of the world, but, no one realize it except themselves.
Stealth Jewish and Zionist Jew in Bush Administration brought about 9-11 fake terror , murdered thousands of innocent Americans and pinned the guilt on Islamic radicals, expecting the world to accept Bush's military action in Central Asia and Middle East.
Stealth Jewish sent your fellow soldiers to Iraq to eliminate enemies to Israel, then, to establish the empire of Greater Israel in the region as predicted in Genesis of the Old Testament. Syria and Iran will be targeted next by G. W. Bush's (Jewish) administration to complete the imperial map.
Stealth Jewish sent your folks to Afghanistan and neighboring Central Asian countries where the ancient Ashkenazi-Jewish kingdom of Khazaria is reconstructed under the pretext of (Jewish) Orange Revolution. Everything is as scheduled.
A stealth Jewish, Osama Bin Laden successfully created reasons for his fellow stealth Jew, G. W. Bush to invade Afghanistan, pretending to be a enemy to U.S.A. He was there, therefore, Bush could invade. He would appear in Syria next, then, Bush can invade Syria. An active CIA agent in charge of making Bush's crime excusable.
The king of Stealth Jewdom, David Rockefeller was greatly benefited by 9-11 in all aspects of his business empire including military-industrial, banking (Confiscating the evidences of his financial fraud) , drug-trafficking and oil (Iraqi oil/Caspian Sea oil). He conducted the whole 9-11 Operation and ordered his adjutant, G. W. Bush to pursue this war for Wall Street Jew and Zionist Jew.
U.S. media are completely controlled by Zionist Jew, therefore, never tell you the truth about stealth Jew and 9-11 Jewish coup. They know Rockefeller and Bush did it. But, Jew-dominated media are protecting their "SAME KIND" stealth Jew, allowing them to continue massacre and looting.
9-11 mastermind, David Rockefeller dispatched his stealth Jew members of CFR to 9-11 independent committee where the truth was hushed up by the 9-11 criminals themselves.
Stealth Jewish Rockefellers after WW2 appointed ethnic Korean in Japan to function exactly same as stealth Jew in America. So, Japan is very well controlled by Stealth Korean by now. Soka Gakkai's Daisaku Ikeda and Unification Church's Rev. Moon are the Kings of Stealth Korean Empire in Japan who represent David Rockefeller's interest in Japan. David still has not abandoned his plan to activate the New Cold War in Far East. 2nd phase of Aum Shinrikyo uprising may be carried out soon by Daisaku Ikeda and Rev. Moon, aided by David and his Jewish CIA clan. Kim Jung Il is David's comrade in new cold war scheme who may commence invasion into south simultaneously when Aum uprising is brought about in Japan by Soka Gakkai and Unification Church.